3 Key Benefits and Top 5 Features of Ad Network

Ad Network mediate the publishers and advertisers to sell their inventories to using the common platform with an affordable price.

Let’s look at the top 3 key benefits of using the ad network in this article along with top 5 features that everyone should aware before selecting the right network.

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Top 3 Benefits of Ad Network:
  1. Wider range of options: There are many options available for both the publishers and advertisers when they choose they sell or buy the inventory. The auction mechanism ensures that publishers select the highest paying advertisers to maximize their revenue and advertisers will connect to premium inventory based on their product or services.

  2. Automatically matched with premium impressions: The process of searching for suitable inventory that meets to advertiser’s products and services is tedious and cumbersome job. However, ad networks can manage these activities on behalf of advertisers and secure the premium inventory from the top-tier publishers. Similarly, ad networks can help the publishers to find out the advertisers matches to the publisher content along with the increased CPM value to maximize the revenue.

  3. Increased ad reach and instant money: The ad networks offer the services for both the publishers and advertisers. The ad networks guarantees the higher ROI for advertisers by serving the ads on the premium and relevant content websites. On the other hand, the publisher can maximize the revenue immediately through ad networks by selling their inventories.
Top 5 Features of Ad Networks:

Choosing a right ad network is a pretty challenging task for both the advertisers and publishers. There are various options in the online marketing industry to choose the ad networks. Here’s a quick 5 tips to help you selecting the suitable ad network.

  1. Inventory Quality: The quality of the inventory is based on type of the ad network you choose. Some ad networks offer premium inventory from the top-tier publishers and other may offer the unsold inventory. It is always suggested to ensure to check the quality of the inventory before you choose.

  2. Advertisement
  3. Ad Network Size: Size of the ad network is most important factor consider while choosing for yourself. It is responsible to get the bigger and decent brands to advertise on the websites. Also, the advertising ROI is crucial for the advertisers to spend money on serving the ads as well. The advertisers usually target publishers who can generate revenue by serving the ads.

  4. Targeting Capabilities: It is crucial to target the desired audience instead of blindly serving the ads and spending the budget. As an advertiser, you need to know who is your targeted audience while setting up the campaign. The ad networks offer different types of targeting options, however, as an advertiser, you may need to have clarity of the types of targeting that ad network is offering.

  5. Availability of the Ad Formats: The ad networks are specialized in offering various ad types based on the requirement. However, you may need to check with the ad networks on how many and what types of ad formats available to advertise before choosing it.

  6. Interface and Reliability: This is one of the top features to look for when choosing the network. It is always suggested to select the ad network that offers automated implementation. It is better to check for the reliability of serving the ads at all-time instead of outages. This might impact on the publisher’s revenue if the ad network is not serving the ad when requested. Also, the interface should be clear and easy to use, provide granular level of data analyze the performance when required.

Conclusion: Choosing a right ad network is a tedious task for both the advertisers and publishers. However, considering the key benefits and features that ad network is offering will influence the decision. We hope you are now aware of 3 key benefits and top 5 features of ad networks. Let us know your key takeaway from this article in the comment section.