8 Best Tools for Ad Operations Team

The Ad Operations team uses various tools in their day-to-day activities to manage the advertising campaigns effectively. These tools may help the Ad Operations teams to review the ad delivery, troubleshoot the ad rendering issues, analyze the ad calls, review the bit latency, and spoof the browser to different location or device. Here’s an article to know about what is digital ad operations and its stages for more information.

Here are a few tools that Ad Operations team uses;

  • Charles – This is a web debugging tool that help the team to identify from where the traffic is sent and from where it is received. Also, this is one of the essential tool that each Ad Operations team uses to troubleshoot the ad delivery issue.

  • Google Publisher Console – This is one of the troubleshooting tools offered by Google to review what is happening on a web page and how the ads are being rendered. This tool will analyze the ad slots available on the web page and page request timeline.

  • Google Publisher Toolbar – This is one of the Chrome extension that used by the publishers who are using Google Ad Manager (as formerly known as DFP). This extension provides a consolidated view of Google ads, revenue insights, ad insights, and help the publisher to escalate if there are any issue with the ads serving from Google AdSense or Ad Exchange.

  • Headerbid Expert – This is one of the free Chrome extension to provide the bid latency information of the header bidding partners competing for the impressions.

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  • Fiddler – This is similar to Charles and it helps to debug the web pages. The Ad Operations team uses both the tools based on their comfortability on debugging the issue. However, there is no change in usage of these tool.

  • Firebug – Firebug is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox browser to debug, edit or monitor the website’s JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc. This tool helps the Ad Operations team to find out the ad serving errors quickly.

  • Firecookie – This is a part of Firebug to allow the users to export the cookies from a website and gathers various information like cookie expiration time, sent and received cookie sources, etc.,

  • Geo Edge Proxy Toolbar – This is one of the spoofing tool to help the Ad Operations team to spoof their browsers to targeted countries to see if the ad is delivering to the targeted users.

Conclusion: These tools made Ad Operations team life easy on dealing with some technical issues on their day-to-day activities. However, there are many tool that team uses that we may not aware. So, comment below if you are using any other tool that helps to troubleshoot the ad deliver issue? Please comment below and share your knowledge with others to use when required.