Social Media & Content Marketing – Free Course from Udemy

Social media marketing is use of the social media platforms to connect with the desired audience to build the brand and create the awareness of products and services. The social media marketing requires publishing a great content on the various social media platforms to reach the audience, engage with the followers, measure the effectiveness of social media interactions through sales that are generated.

The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube. These social media channels are connected to different set of audience and help the brands to reach their desired audience.

Considering the multiple social media platforms, there are wide range of social media tools available in the market to manage the social media marketing effectively. The marketers can create an effective post, schedule it to publish when the targeted users are online, and interact with the users through posts.  

Content marketing is type of marketing focused on creating, publishing, sharing the content with targeted audience. Content marketing is often used to by the marketers to attract prospects, expand the customer base, generate the online sales, increase brand awareness, and engage with online community.

Content marketing attracts the prospects and covert into customers by creating the and sharing the useful content. Content marketing helps brands to create sustainable brand loyalty, provides valuable information, and creates a willingness to purchase the products or services. This is fairly new form of marketing does not involve the direct sales, instead of building a trust and rapport with the targeted audience.


There are many courses to learn social media marketing and content marketing to manage the marketing efforts effectively. Here’s a lifetime free course from Udemy platform to learn the basics of social media marketing and content marketing. This course is developed by Viral Content Bee, a free platform to utilize to manage the social media marketing effectively.

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You will learn key features of Viral Content Bee platform, share traffic and influencer building techniques, and content marketing basics and tactics from this course. This course contains 1 hour 6 minutes of on demand video to access lifetime free from Udemy platform.

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