Top 5 Disadvantages of Display Advertising

There isn’t any online advertising form which is perfect for the advertiser to promote their products or services online. There are many advantages and disadvantages that advertisers may discover while planning their promotion campaign using online advertising platforms. However, all the advantages and disadvantages may not be applicable to all types of campaigns.

We have discussed top 7 advantages of Display advertising in the previous article and we will be discussing the top 5 disadvantages of display advertising in this article.

  1. Low Conversions: A lower click through rate (CTR) means lower sales or less user engagement on the ads that advertisers are serving the on the web pages. When the users see the ad and they aren’t actively looking for the products that advertiser’s promoting, so they may not the targeted audience to convert in to the sale or action.

  2. Integration with Social Media: The advertisers to looking at the social media platforms to promote their ads and engage their targeted customers. Also, social media platforms are providing higher return on investment (ROI) on each and every campaign by targeting most relevant audience to the ad campaigns. However, the display advertising platform may not access the deep granular level of data to target the desired audience to increase the ROI.

  3. Lesser Competition: Due to their prevalence, display ads aren’t a competitive format to promote new businesses. The advertiser often ends up with building an ad campaign to a wider audience and most of the users may not turn to advertiser page by clicking on the ads. This could be an issue for the budding advertiser look for better option to maximize their ROI instead of waiting for a long time to build their user base.

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  5. Lack of Reputation Management: With display ads, the advertisers are not always in control of where their ads are serving. The ads may serve on the various web pages with irrelevant content and users may not interested to look into the irrelevant ads serving. This will impact on advertising budget and advertiser end up with paying for these impressions as well. Also, there are scenarios where the ads are serving on the irrelevant pages which may damage the brand image as well.

  6. Spam Activities: Another downside of display advertising is spamming the users to click on the ad to view the web page content. The publishers may use bots to generate the fake impressions and clicks to achieve the ad campaign goals which will not offer any value to the advertisers.

Conclusion: Display advertising is an effective advertising format to build the brand awareness and strong user base to the brand. However, these challenges may impact the advertiser’s brand and/or ad campaign budget if they haven’t considered the downsides of display advertising.