Top 5 Disadvantages of Online Marketing

Many consumers shopping online for everything from essentials like groceries to luxury items like electronics, many advertisers/ promoters considering online advertising is their marketing strategies. While the advantages of online advertising include the potential to reach a large market and the ability to measure the success, however, online advertising also has some disadvantages that we discuss in this article.

Also, I would suggest that you refer the top 10 advantages of online advertising before you go through these disadvantages to understand better.

  1. Consumers Ignore Ads: Consumers are targeted with multiple advertising campaigns across online, offline and interactive media advertising, they have developed an aversion to all types of advertising. This is also a reason with online advertising, where consumers can avoid clicking on the adverting banners published on the websites, skip the ads in online videos that they watch and close the pop-up ads as soon as they pop-upon their screens. Also, consumers are in control of what type of advertising they wanted to see and click on too.

  2. Ad Rendering issues: There are many reasons behind ad rendering issues such as website down, lag in loading the website or video, and browser difficulties can directly impact on delivering the ads on the web pages to the users. The technical issues might directly impact on losing the potential user to purchase the products and services by referring ads. Also, there are a few issues from user side as well where the user’s browser has technical issues, the smart phone screen is not compatible to view the website or the internet connection speed is pretty low to fetch the ads from the hosted servers impacts the online advertiser.

  3. Expensive Ad Prices: The online advertising price range from inexpensive to more than $20 on premium websites. The cost of advertising can vary from text ads, static banners, rich media ads, video ads and ad slot where the advertiser wanted to publish. The advertiser may need to pay premium price to publish the ads on the premium websites and ad slots, however, it is an inevitable to build the brand in the market or promote the new products in the market. Also, the expensive price has a directly impact on the small advertisers’ marketing strategy and the advertising budget.

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  5. Users get Distracted: When users visit the website, they typically have a goal in mind to access the content they are looking for instead of filed with too many advertisements on the web page. Most of all the websites are placing the ads where users will get distracted and attract their attentions towards the ads published. This may impact either user will use the ad blockers to block the advertisement or leave the website as quickly as possible to avoid seeing multiple ads.

  6. Too Many Options: There are too many websites to offer the similar content or services now a days and this could be an advantage to the small business owners to publish their advertisements with competitive price. Due to competition on the similar websites, users may visit various websites to compare the similar products and potentially lose them to the competitor companies if advertisers are not engaging the potential users at right time.

Conclusion: I have shared top 5 disadvantages of online advertising where you understand briefly on how online marketing can impact the advertisers and users while browsing the websites through technical challenges, competition from similar companies, ad prices, etc., But, this is again the advertisers to assess the challenges and advantages to decide which medium is best to promote their products.