Types of Advertising and Major Differences

As you already aware that advertising is form of marketing communication using the various strategies to impact consumers’ thoughts, feelings and actions. Advertising can be broadly categorized into two types, which are;

  • Online Advertising: It is a form of marketing which uses the internet to deliver the promotional marketing messages. There are 7 types of online advertising that are leading the advertising domain nowadays and you can read it this article.

  • Offline Advertising: This is a mass advertising which uses newspaper, hoarding, flyers, movable objects like vehicles, shelters, etc. This is also most appealing way of advertising to promote the business.

Here’s a flow chart highlighting the major types of advertising that are ruling the advertising world today.

Major Differences of Advertising:

There are many differences between online and offline advertising, but they have a similarity between them is to know the desired audience to plan the advertising campaigns effectively. Here’s a flow chart highlighting the major types of advertising that are ruling the advertising world today.

#Offline AdvertisingOnline Advertising
1Type of communication is physicalType of communication is through internet
2The approach to the customer is very slowThe approach to the customer is quick and effortless
3There isn’t any success metrics to measure the successSuccess of the ad campaign can be measured and optimize at any time during the campaign
4Each and every action is a manual approachAll the actions can be automated using the technology
5Difficulties to manage and need lots of human efforts It is comparatively easy to manage the online and required no human effort to manage
6Offline advertising reaches all types of audienceOnline advertising reaches to the users who have internet and required devices
7There isn’t any option to interact with the customerThere are many options to interact and engage with the targeted audience
8There isn’t any way to know the targeted audienceThere are many ways to know the targeted audience using technology
9The isn’t any guarantee that advertiser can retarget the usersThis are many ways to retarget the customers and convert them quickly and effectively
10There isn’t any source to know how many users watched the adThere are multiple ways to see how many users watched the ad
11There isn’t any option to target the relevant audienceOnline ads are targeted to most relevant audience
12Users remember the promotional message as it is a physical modeUsers tent to forget the ads while browsing the websites

Conclusion: There are many differences that we may find from both the online and offline advertising and these types can play crucial role in reaching the targeted audience and decides the success of the ad campaign. The advertisers are always consider the pros and cons of advertising while they plan their ad campaigns.