What is Third Party Ad Server?

The third party ad server is a web server that hosts the ads and help the publisher to deliver the ads directly on the websites and mobiles. Third party ad servers are also enables to the publishers to manage their ad campaigns and optimize effectively along with hosting the ads in it.

The Third party ad server’s core customers are the publishers, media agencies and advertisers. The customers’ needs to pay for accessing the services offering by the ad server companies on a monthly basis. The third party ad serving functionality is broken into two areas i.e., campaign management and ad reporting. The third party ad servers also provide various options on offering the roles and permissions with separate access for each publisher and advertiser show their respective campaign data. Here are the major benefits of using the third party servers.

  • Simplify the ad serving process and connect all the demand partners on one platform

  • Avoid the data discrepancy in ad reporting

  • Reliable solution for ad serving

  • Run the ads on cross platforms, setup the custom ad campaigns, and use custom ad formats

  • Real-time analytics of ad campaign performance

  • Optimize the ad campaigns and run the granular level of reporting

The benefits of third party ad server can varies depending on the online adverting players. Here’s a brief description to understand better.

  • Third Party Ad Server for Advertisers: Third party ad servers enable the advertisers to host their ad campaigns and share the tags with multiple publishers, ad networks, and other advertising platforms in one place to fetch when they are serving. Also, third party ad servers empower to advertisers to change or update ads without reaching to multiple publishers and other advertising partners. Third party ad servers provide the full access to review the performance reports of their ad campaigns hosted with multiple publishers and optimize accordingly.

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  • Third Party Ad Server for Publishers: The publishers use the third party ad servers to host their ads, manage the ad inventory and connect with their ad servers to third party to serve the ads on remnant inventory or traffic the third party ad tags to fetch ads when required.

  • Third Party Ad Server for Ad Networks: The ad network is a tech company or a platform that connects the publishers and advertisers to exchanges their activities. The third party ad servers help the ad networks to track their revenue delivered by each publisher and effectively optimize the ad campaigns to maximize the revenue.

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Conclusion: Third party ad servers is the better option for both the advertisers and publishers to manage their advertising activities instead of investing their time managing the in-house ad servers. The third party ad servers manage their ad servers which reduces the impact on ad delivery at all the time. However, it costs some amount to utilize the services which is depend on the advertiser or publishers budget.