YouTube 101 – Free Social Media QuickStarter Course

YouTube is one of the prominent online video platforms owned by Google. There are more than one billion hours of videos are watched across the globe each day. Also, users are uploading hundreds of hours of video content every minute.

The platform offers several ways to watch videos, including the website, mobile apps, and it allows to embed its video on other websites. There are various categories of video that can be found like music albums, video clips, audio recordings, movie trailers, documentaries, live streams, and video blogs.

It is also helping many enthusiasts to create the content and share it with a like-minded audience. The platform allows the creators and viewers to connect via chats to discuss the topics.

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Considering the competition and improved technology, the beginners need to understand the platform before they start creating the video content to outshine within the platform.

There are various courses and content available on Google and YouTube to learn how to use the platform. Also, there are a few paid courses are also available to complete when you are planning to start the journey.

Free Course on YouTube:

Here’s a quick course to learn from basics to build your channel and reach your targeted audiences. This course has been divided into 7 sections to understand the platform and various opportunities to utilize to promote your content.

  • How to Upload a Video
  • Getting Started on YouTube
  • 6 Examples of YouTube Videos
  • How to Promote Your Videos
  • How to Embed a Video
  • Common Video Mistakes
  • YouTube Analytics

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