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5 Tips to Choose Right Ad Server

When it comes to looking for an ad server, there are many options available in the market. Taking a decision can be tough, but it deserves some real due diligence while selecting the ad server that is best for your business. While ad serving cost or price to pay for ad serving is something that publishers need to consider, but selecting a right ad server is definitely not about going with the one that is cheapest.

I would also suggest that you know what is an ad server and how does it works before you go through this article to understand on how to choose the right ad server for your business.

There are many other points to consider before we jump in, so let’s take a look at the 5 tips that publishers need to pay attention while selecting an ad server.

  1. Brand: The new ad server companies may offer a great deal to attract the new publishers, but all the offers should be taken with careful considerations. It always good idea to choose the experienced ad server who have history of providing the reliable service with multiple year of positive feedback. The positive feedback or a positive review from old and existing clients is a sign that the ad server company is doing right things over the years.

  2. Features: Some publishers and advertisers are happy with the ad servers with basic features to serve the ads and review the performance, especially when they are new advertising domain. This pattern has changed very likely, though, the publishers eventually wanted have more control over the ad targeting, delivery and the performance data of the ad campaigns. A great ad server will come with all these features that you need to manage your campaign effortlessly!

  3. Pricing: Once you shortlisted the reputed ad server company that delivers all the features that you are looking for, you need to review the ad serving cost or the price that you pay for ad server company for using their server to host the ads. The publisher may need to carefully review all the terms and conditions of using the services that is offering by the ad server company. You may see price with asterisks tagged, more likely publishers may pay more than the cost being shown. A great ad server company will have a clear, up-front pricing that will let the publisher know exactly what they will pay. The ad server companies should also have flexible plans that meets the smaller publisher’s budget and traffic level.

  4. Ad Server Support: Questions always arise when the publisher start using the new ad server or switch from other ad server. The publisher should get the right amount of support from the ad server company if there are any technical challenges to resolve the issue irrespective of complexity. The publisher should pay attention on the existing customer feedback on the technical support, slow in responding, or lack of knowledge in handling the technical issues should be considered as a red flag and may need to look for other options.

  5. Customization: The publisher cannot find all the features available in the one ad server that they are looking for and enable the publisher to customize to cater the requirements. The selected ad server company should be open to accept the custom feature requests and support the API (Application Program Interface) so that publishers can build a customized workflow or integrate a new ad server into the existing internal systems.

Conclusion: These are most common and essential five tips that each and every publisher needs to consider before they sign in for any ad server companies. The ad servers play a vital role in managing the publisher’s advertising business and may impact on the revenue if they select the ad server that is not suitable for their business. Due to this reason, it is suggested to review all the key contributors while selecting the ad server.

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