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Free SEO Link Building Basics Course from Udemy

In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building defines actions targeted at increasing the number and quality of inbound link to a web page with goal of increasing the search engine ranking of the page or website.

Link is building a process to create relevant hyperlinks or link to a website. It will help increasing the probability of the website ranking in search engine result pages. Link building is also a proven online marketing strategy of increasing the brand awareness.

As publisher or website owner, it is difficult to know what strategies are feasible in increasing the brand awareness of a website. However, most of all the experts says that it is important to build backlinks with relevant websites increase the traffic, but nobody talks about how to create a link from a relevant website.

Here’s a free online course from SEO course from Udemy learn how to build the links to your website and increase the traffic. This online free SEO course has 1 hour 12 minutes of on-demand video course and you can watch it anywhere by subscribing to this lifetime free course.

This free Udemy course covers why link matter to your website, link building myths, and common mistakes while building the links. Also, this course covered keyword research, anchor text diversity, how to analyze the links, and how to analyze website’s backlink profile.

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If you are a book lover and wanted to Link Building, I would suggest that you try this book “Link Juice: Understanding and Using Backlinks for Better Search Rankings” on Amazon.

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