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What is Mobile Ad Network? Types of Mobile Ads and Pricing Models

A mobile ad network defined as an ad network that connects advertisers and mobile app publishers who wants to monetize on their apps. It works similar to display ad networks, but it is more specialized in connecting the mobile apps.

The mobile app publishers will sign up for these ad networks to serve the in-app ads and maximize the revenue similar to websites. The mobile ad networks will aggregate the inventory from multiple mobile app publishers and sell it as a packages to the advertisers.

The advertising structure and pricing models used by these mobile ad networks are similar to display advertising business. The only difference is that the ads will be serving only on the mobile apps.

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Types of Mobile Ads

Advertising using a mobile ad network is similar to advertising on a website. However, the mobile apps offer some unique features to take advantages while serving ads.

Interstitial ads usually display when users open the app or navigate to sub pages within the app. Also, there users may see interstitial ads when they are browsing the content on the app. These ads will prompt the users to close the ad to visit the content and it will generate the higher engagement compared to other type of ads.

Native ads are specially designed to serve between the content on a feed matching with the page layout. These ads will look like a part of content and create unique experience to the users while reading through the content. Native ads one of the lowest intrusive forms of mobile advertising and it increase the user experience. The Native ads most commonly used on Social media platforms and placed in between the longer content.

Videos ads display in-banner video along with sound on mobile apps. The video ads can be placed within the interstitial ads, in-banner ads or native ads in between the content. The mobile app usually allows users to what video ads to maximize the revenue. The users may see skippable and non-skippable ads to serve during the video content.

Banner ads are most familiar ads on mobile app as well. These are similar to banner ads serving on websites which usually consists of static image ads. However, these ads will be displayed on top or bottom of the screen. 320×50 is a popular mobile banner ad that you usually see most of all the mobile app serving at the bottom of the screen. Also, the mobile ad networks can also offer expandable which can cover full screen of app.

Mobile Ad Network Pricing Models:

The Mobile Ad Network pricing models are similar to display marketing the pricing models. Here are a few commonly pricing models that we see in mobile ad networks

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Cost Per Mille (CPM) – The advertisers will pay the fixed amount for thousand impressions similar to display advertising billing concept.

Cost Per Click (CPC) – The advertiser will pay for number of clicks generated instead of number of impressions served. This is one of the popular pricing model in mobile ad network and it will help the advertisers to increase the ROI.

Cost Per Action/ Acquisition (CPA): The advertiser is charged for every time when user clicked on the ad and complete the targeted action by visiting the advertiser’s landing page. Ex: installing the mobile app, downloading a file, purchasing any products or services, filling up the form, etc.

In general, advertisers pay less per view when running a CPM ad campaign compared to CPC or CPA. However, advertisers will be paying for each impressions instead of click or any specific action which is one in a thousand times. Conducting a market research or experimentation will help the advertiser to choose which pricing model is better for your product or services. It will also depend on the advertising budget and overall marketing strategy to promote as well.

Conclusion: With a rapid pace of digitization, mobile advertising will become important for advertiser and to promote their products to the wider audience by running the ads on mobile devices. There are many researches confirmed that 5.16 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today who can change the marketing soon. Comment down to share your opinion on the mobile advertising and mobile ad networks. We would love to see them coming our way!

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