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3 Best Practices and 5 Benefits of Mobile Ad Network

Mobile ad networks are similar to display ad networks and basically it supports mobile advertising in the online advertising space. There are a few challenges in choosing the right mobile ad network in the market. In this article we are going to discuss 3 best practices and 5 benefits of mobile ad network. This article will help you choosing the right mobile ad network in the market.

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3 Best Practices of Mobile Ad Network:

Online adverting market is rapidly growing and creating multiple opportunities to advertisers to promote their products and services using the desired websites. Here the 3 best practices that help you selecting the right mobile ad network.

  1. Balance Cost and Conversation Rate: This is one of the important checkpoint to check and ensure that you will have to balance the cost against the conversion rate. It is better to have solid mobile advertising strategy supported by market research to increase the ROI. Also, it better to know your customers to promote your product effectively.
  1. Build Your Campaign Around Your Audience: While building the mobile ad campaign and ad types, advertiser should consider design techniques to attracts the users. A clear vision of your users to help building the effective ad campaign and increase the ROI.
  1. Be Prepared to Experiment: Advertisers should open to experiment to reach their targeted audience. A few experiments with mobile advertising is necessary to find the right combination of targeting settings, price model, and ad types that helps you to reach your audience.
5 Benefits of Mobile Ad Network

There are a few unique benefits that will help the advertisers reach their targeted audience effectively and increase the ROI by serving the ads on relevant mobile apps. Here are the 5 benefits will help you to understand mobile ad networks better.

  1. Largest Online Market: Increased digitization, the mobile users are rapidly growing and mobile ad networks will create a platform for advertisers to reach wider audience to promote their product and services.
  1. Highly Engaged Audience: Mobile ad networks have highly engaged audience and will help the advertisers to convert their users to purchase their product or services quickly and build their brand in a wider market. Also, the mobile apps will load faster compared to websites and users prefer to shop on mobile app as it quick and purchase on the go. Through mobile advertising, advertisers can reach out to their users directly when they are most engaged. Mobile advertising drives more conversions which is 1.5 times more than desktop and two times more than mobile browsers according to the research by Criteo.
  1. Hard to Block Ads: Mobile ads are also difficult to block on mobile devices compared to desktop. According to Statista, about 18% of users in the US market use the ad blockers when they are browsing on desktop. However, only 1% of the users will use ad blockers on their mobile devices. Mobile ads will quickly reach their targeted audience better than desktop ads due to wider audience group. Most of the mobile apps will restricts the users to block the ads as they are only source of income for most of the mobile app publisher to generate the revenue.
  1. Fewer Ad Targeting Errors: Online advertising is relay on cookies to retarget the desired audience and track their user behavior to utilize for future ad campaigns. However, cookies will be deleted by 20% – 50% of desktop users and users can use incognito or private windows to avoid dropping the cookies on the desktops. The mobile ad networks use the user profiles to target instead of depending on the cookies. This will increase the effectiveness of ad networks to track the users and will help the advertisers to reach their desired audience.
  1. Mobile Payment: Mobile payment apps and other services make it easy to complete the transaction instead of using the desktop. This will increase the chances of increasing the purchases on the go and reduces the dependency on desktop.

Conclusion: The mobile ad networks are providing the value add services to the advertisers to create effective ad campaigns to reach their targeted audience and increase the ROI. These best practices and benefits will help the advertisers to choose the right mobile ad network available in the market.

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