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Fundamentals of LinkedIn Advertising – Free Video Course

LinkedIn is one of the professional network where you find 675 million active professionals that enables to target them by job title, function, industry and many more. LinkedIn is offering the self-service platform to create the ad campaign and generate the leads through their network. LinkedIn has created a few on-demand videos to explain their platform on how to start the LinkedIn ads, content marketing on LinkedIn, measuring and optimizing the campaigns, and programmatic concepts with LinkedIn Ads. These videos can be accessed at any moment and learn more about the LinkedIn Ads platform.

We live in an amazing age where knowledge and learning can be obtained with a few clicks of the mouse. Whether you want to start with basics or you’re looking for advanced training on any topic, there’s something for everyone across many online education platforms. The courses are available on paid, discounted, and a free of cost to access the learning from many platforms. However, it is suggested to look for the course where you will learn from basics to advanced level of your desired topics. We have curated a few online courses and published the links on this web page to access at any time.

If you are a book lover, I would suggest this book to learn Fundamentals of Digital Marketing written by Puneet Singh Bhatia and published by Pearson to understand better.

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