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Affiliate Marketing A-Z – Free Course from Udemy

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance marketing in which businesses rewards the promoters on successful sale. The promoters need to promote the businesses through their websites, forums, social media platforms to bring their followers to purchase the products or services using their affiliate links.

The affiliate marketing is consistently growing and resulting in emergence of secondary tier players, including affiliate marketing agencies, influencers, and specialized third party vendors who are promoting the products.

Affiliate marketing overlaps with other digital marketing types to some extent because of influencers often use common advertising methods. Those methods including organic SEO, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and display marketing. Along with these methods, influencers post product reviews to reach their desired audience.

Affiliate marketing is rapidly growing in India where Amazon and Flipkart affiliate marketing programs are attracting new influencers to start the affiliate marketing. However, these new affiliate marketers more often take longer time to see the growth due to lack of knowledge in prospecting the desired audience.

Affiliate marketers need to invest their time and effort to reach out to their desired audience to convert into sale. However, this is a long process and required time. The affiliate marketers more often use their own methods to promote the products or services. This could take longer time in few cases for not using the correct marketing strategy.

Here’s a lifetime free affiliate marketing course for beginners and they can learn how to do affiliate marketing by completing this course. There are many affiliate marketing programs available over the internet to enroll for the program that are suitable for them. We would suggest to start with Flipkart affiliate marketing and Amazon affiliate marketing in India to learn prospecting the customers.

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If you are a book lover and wanted to Link Building, I would suggest that you try this book “Affiliate Marketing: Step Forward to Affiliate Marketing” on Amazon.

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