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Top 7 Types of Online Advertising

Online advertising has evolved from the static image ads to rich media and video ads. There is a wide variety of online advertising types that you could use on a daily basis – We have listed the top seven types of online advertising in article.

Display advertising: This one of the major form of advertising which helps the advertisers to publish the ads on the web pages. The Display advertising has evolved from the basic form of image or static ads to interactive rich media ads. Nowadays, display ads are publishing as below:

Display advertising, banner advertising, website advertising
    1. Static Ads: These are the basic image ads that appears on the web pages and between the content of a web page.
    2. Text Ads: These are text ads created using the algorithms to make text ads relevant to the web page content.
    3. Floating or Interstitial Ads: These ads move across the screen or float on the website content. The user needs to wait until it renders completely to close the ads to see the web page content.
    4. Wallpaper Ads: These are full page ads published on web pages covering the side bars or empty space of a web pages.
    5. Popup Ads: These ads usually popup on the web pages using a small window to display the ads. The user needs to close the ad popup window to see the website content.
    6. Rich Media Ads: These interactive ads including the video content and multiple information within the ad slots. These ads will interact with the users and engage them through video content, small games, multiple level information of a product, etc.
    7. Video Ads: These are small video ads published on a video sharing websites and it will allow users to play the video or it auto plays the video without a sound.

Display ads are usually inexpensive and easy to find the relevant websites to publish the ads. Also, there are many networks who can help finding out the inventory based on the budget and requirements.

Most of the ad networks are offering the demographic, geographic, contextual and/or behavioral targeting to plan the successful ad campaigns and target the desired audience.

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